Thursday, November 1, 2012

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About Our Rescue Group:

The name of our Independent Rescue group is called DogTag: You're It! We are dedicated and devoted rescuers of the mistreated, relinquished, and neglected animals that wander into our lives. From the streets, to the sheltered, those abandoned, and those turned over unwanted--our mission is to prove to the innocent and defenseless creatures we rescue, that they will not only be wanted and loved from this moment forward, but that they only have bright and hopeful futures to look forward to as beloved members of the DogTag: You're It! family and ultimately their new family in a forever home.
We work hard to make sure each and every one of our rescue pups is healthy and treated medically before placing them in any foster or forever home. Each and every one of our rescues receive medical care immediately upon rescue without a moment's hesitation. Included in vetting is a spay/neuter procedure, microchip, heartworm and fecal tests, Parvo test for puppies, complete vaccinations, and dental if age 2 years and up. They also get treated with monthly with Revolution, a high quality flea/parasite preventative.

We also rescue senior and medical dogs, we provide all medical interventions requested by our veterinarian Dr. Lee. Our goal is to not rush their adoption, but to ensure that each one of our precious pups will only be in a home as a loved and cherished member of the DogTag: You're It family to their new forever home.
Donate to Our Rescue Group

Donations can be made under DogTag: You're It! Email us and find out how! 

Also if you're in the Orange County area and need grooming for your little ones, make sure to stop by Bubble Dog Grooming & Spa. Located in surf city Hunington Beach, staff members at bubbles donate their time and care to groom our rescue pups. Bubbles staff really know how to treat your beloved pets with the utmost care and gentleness. Leaving your pooch fresh as daisies and feeling safe and calm, Bubbles is the best pet groomer in town! Don't forget to mention your friends at DogTag: You're It! Check them out here:

Come Meet Our Pets: 

Private meetings can always be scheduled upon receiving and approving the adoption application, however, we hold adoption events at Dogma in Newport Coast as well as at the Pet Supply in Huntington Beach.  Email us at for event schedule and hours. 

Our Adoption Process: 

We require an adoption application to be filled out prior to arranging any home-screening. Included in the application is veterinarian reference check as well as work or personal reference check. We never adopt out on a first come, first serve basis, because we consider this a lifelong commitment and we want to be certain that we are making the best decision for both the forever family and our rescue. No one knows our rescues better than we do and we want to be certain that we consider their individuality when choosing their home. At the time of the home screening we will observe the interaction of our rescue with each and every member of the household including the family pets.

When our rescue goes to his or her new home, he or she will be up to date with all medical, current on vaccinations, microchipped, spayed or neutered, treated with Revolution a high quality flea/parasite preventative, as well as supplied with a collar, leash, and Canine Friendly harness. We also feed all of our rescues while they have been in foster homes, grain-free and highly quality nutritious food such as Pulsar and Blue Buffalo. It is mandated for all of our puppies to attend puppy obedience classes within 2 months of their adoption.

We take such special care of our pups and we want to be completely positive that we place them in a home perfect for that particular dog. We require an adoption application, a home screening to make sure our safety standards are met. The adoption donation fees range from $320-$420 for rescues. Our adoption fee  includes spay/neuter, full 3 series vaccination (for puppies) fecal test, heartworm test, microchip, Revolution (flea/parasite preventative), Collar, and harness. Our adoption donation fee will allow us to continue to help our other rescues, some of which are medical and senior dogs in permanent foster home.

We Serve the Following Cities, Towns, and/or Counties: 

Southern California Adoption Only

Inquire about fostering or adoption today at dogtagyoureit@gmail.comInquire about fostering or adoption today at


Our sweetheart Burmese kitten Liberty is approximately 3 months old. She is full vetted, vaccinated, combo tested, spayed, and has had left eye repair surgery. She's a true gem and so spirited who absolutely loves to play with other cats and dogs too! She is so affectionate that one would wonder how this precious girl could have had such a rough life as a stray. Rescued our special girl is waiting to start a new life with a loving or ever family! Inquire about fostering or adopting at








Haley Belle is our precious Carin Terrier/Italan Greyhound mix at only 10 month old. She is a 5 lbs beauty who is looking for an amazing forever home. The adoption fee includes 3 series of vaccination, microchip, spay, fecal test, heartworm test, and de-worming. To inquire about adoption and receive an application please email us at



Meet our 10 month old terrier who is a 13.8 lb shy sweetheart full of wiggles and kisses.  A good friend of our rescue Kathy Mitchell had spotted this sweet little girl roaming the streets of Watts one day itching and scratching herself as she was dirty and covered in fleas. When Kathy had discovered that she had actually belonged to a homeless man, who despite being mentally ill, tried to the best of his ability to care for her-she had to intervene to get this little girl some proper care and a home.  

After stopping by a couple more times to drop off a collar and leash for this little girl, Kathy had discussed how our rescue could possibly help this little girl in finding a home. It wasn't until he felt right, that the man decided to hand over Willow to our rescue. Today her name is as sweet and delicate as she is with her sweet kisses and worried eyes that would make your heart melt. Willow  is available for adoption in Southern California and is vaccinated, spayed, fecal and heart worm tested, and will receive a dental polishing upon adoption. 
To receive an adoption application please email us at 


Alvin is our 8 months old cuteness and is ready for his forever home.The adoption fee includes parvo test, heartworm test, fecal test, 3 series of vaccination, microchip, spay, dental polish, his designer collar, and Canine Friendly harness. We provide food, flea treatment, and any future medical while Alvin is in foster home. Inquire about fostering or adoption today at


Eli is bonded with Deston, they survived the mean streets together and have come along way together. these two are so incredibly bonded that one can be found right beside the other at all times. both only a year old, they are searching for the most loving forever home. Both our boys are fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, fecal and heart worm tested and ready for adoption. Inquire at


Benny is our precious Boxer/Pit/Lab pup who came to our rescue from a backyard breeder. He will stop just to greet and say hello to everyone when he goes for walks. Benny is in desperate need of a loving foster home in Orange County, we will provide food, flea medication, and any future medical while in foster home. Benny is also available for Southern California adoption, the adoption fee includes neuter, heartworm test, fecal test, full vaccination, and microchip. To inquire about fostering or adoption please email us at


Beethoven has had a rough life in his very young age but he has managed to stay sweet and so loving. 
Beethoven has a possible Juvenile Cataract in his right eye and we have made an appointment with an eye specialist on Aug.14.2013. We are looking for a loving foster home for Beethoven in Orange County or even better an amazing forever home. We provide food, flea treatment, and all medical while Beethoven is in foster care. The adoption fee includes, neuter, dental, heartworm test, fecal test, full vaccination, microchip, his designer collar, and Canine Friendly harness. Inquire about fostering or adoption at .


Bentley is a sweet Papillon-Chihuaha mix who is wonderful with other dogs as well as cats.  This little guy has come a long way of a life living in fear of people and is ready to find a forever family who will show him love and affection for all his life. He is fully vetted, vaccinated, neutered, heart worm and fecal tested and ready to be loved by a forever family.


Having once been adopted from the same Shelter in 2008, this little guy had no way of knowing he would be returning back to the very same shelter years later as a stray. What's worse is that his family never came for him while he was on stray hold. Once we heard his story and that now he was scheduled for Euthanasia we knew we had to get him out immediately. Today London is a happy 5 year old Carine Terrier mix with full personality. He is up to date with medical including complete blood work and he will receive dental prior to adoption. Inquire about adoption today at


    Nelson is part of our Havanese Poodle-Maltese mix twin sibling who came to our rescue very recently. He is groomed and looking absolutely handsome at his photo shoot. The adoption fee includes neuter procedure, 3 series of vaccination, Rabies vaccine, microchip, Revolution (flea/parasites preventative), Heartworm test, fecal test, their bejeweled collar, and harness. To receive an adoption application please email us at


Mandy (pup in the front) is part of our twin sibling who came to our rescue very recently. She is groomed and looking absolutely stunning at her photo shoot. The adoption fee includes Spay procedure, 3 series of vaccination, Rabies vaccine, microchip, Revolution (flea/parasites preventative), Heartworm test, fecal test, their bejeweled collar, and harness. To receive an adoption application please email us at


It's hard to imagine these two sweet, friendly, loveable pups have been out as strays in the frigid cold for several months. These girls were emaciated and desperate when our good friend Kathy stumbled upon them. Doing what she could, Kathy would feed them whenever they'd come around and because they were desperate for food they relied on her kindness and compassion and they eventually stayed in the local area of Watts for good. She immediately posted and sent pleas for a reputable rescue to take the girls, but it was to no avail. Fearing the worst, that the girls would be picked up to be used as fighting dogs, or possibly even get shot by local gang members--Kathy showed up at all hours of the day for them trying to reassure them that she was there and trying to gain their trust.

As the winter months grew more and more frigid, Kathy did what she could dropping off food and blankets in the enclosed area fencing where they usually roamed about. She relayed to us one night a very heartwrencing scene as she had just left food for them. At this point, she had managed to gain enough of their trust; and as she laid a kiss on each of their heads, the girls started to whimper because they didn't want her to leave. These girls needed off the streets now and our rescue decided to rescue them. Both girls are 11 months old, ABOUT 40 LBS, spayed, parvo, fecal, and heartworm tested, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. 

Hazel and Pearl truly are the most special and heartbreakingly sweet puppies you will ever meet. They absolutely love being affectionate are so gentle. They also love kids and are great around other dogs. These girls are also incredibly bonded and you will rarely see one without the other. We would love to place them in a wonderful loving forever home from our rescue family to one where they will continue to be loved and well cared for as they should have always been.

The adoption fee includes full medical, their designer collar, and their Canine Friendly harnesses. You may email us today for an adoption application and learn more about our adoption process. 


No one really knew what to make of this little guy's erratic, or what was also referred to as "aggressive" behavior. On the one hand his innocence, hopelessness, and desperation, just like every other dog at the shelter-- begged members of the rescue community to save him. But on the other hand, was his unexplainable "aggression" the reason why he was being turned in by his foster mom to be euthanized at the shelter after he was already rescued! Could this rescue pup simply be typecast as an abused, misunderstood, or mistreated dog? Or was this something that couldn't be fixed?

After hearing all of this, what seemed like a hopeless case turned out to be one worth the risk. Not knowing what to expect, to our surprise this was just another innocent creature misunderstood. We intercepted and saved his life...It didn't take long to realize after meeting Cody that something was triggering him to react in a certain way, particularly when being touched around the ears. After realizing that Cody had sensitivity around the ears and examination by our veterinarian confirmed sever bilateral ear infection, they also noticed Cody is blind. This truly broke our heart, it's hard enough to survive the streets as a stray and in addition to that not understanding surrounding environment was simply heart breaking. He was in the shelter for 3 months then placed wrongfully without proper tools to a home after rescue, which almost cost his life, now he is safe with us and we will work hard with your help to provide all his needs. Email us today to be his foster or forever home